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I've closed down account creations due to massive amounts of spam accounts being created (stopped only by requiring admin approval). What's worse is that I had Captcha enabled, they are getting smarter it seems.

If you're a friend of mine and would like an account, please contact me through the various forums that I am on AFK Mods, TESA, Nexus, etc.

I'll setup an account with the username that you give me with a temp password and will let you know through that PM.

Thanks for understanding :)

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Under Construction Sticky


This site is currently under construction and information is not complete, and some views might be broken with overlapping text, images, etc., and missing images.

Thank You for your patience!

John H.

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Morons in Floods


How can people be so stupid?
If the video is not available to be viewed below, you can click on the link under the tags and view it.

Listen to Chip Waggoner ... don't be a Joe Lugnut!!
Saturday updates Live radar FOX 4 weather Twitter updates

Posted by FOX 4 News on Saturday, May 30, 2015

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